Community CrowdFunding

Community Crowd Funding


Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

I believe if we teach people to fish using the WeShare donation platform we can empower our communities for a dynamic change.


Being able to raise money for any Project or Passion.

— Children’s Education

— Medical Bills

— Paying Off Your Mortgage

— Feeding the Homeless

— Providing Shelter

— Raising Money for a Ministry

— Funding a Retirement Account

— Starting or Expanding a Business

Imagine giving all of the homeless/unemployed families the ability to start their own Project with this platform raising unlimited funds. It gets better what if your organization used the WeShare Community build to raise unlimited funds year round!

Short overview presentation:


How many people and organizations do you know that need to raise money?


Education is rapidly becoming beyond the reach of virtually everyone. When you do get a loan, it is often tied up with many conditions that can burden your life for many years. This makes it difficult to take advantage of opportunities while trying to pay off student loans.


Crowdfunding is the New Wave of the future. If you are reading this you are probably already hip enough to know how crowdfunding works. Basically you request small donations from large groups of people. The trick is to reach the large group of people. Our platform can help you do that.


One of our major features is that we have no fees. In addition, you start getting paid immediately any and all donations to you. This can be significant, especially when you are first starting out and every dollar can be important. Most cannot wait to reach the entire college education goal before receiving funds as required by other platforms.


Because we leverage our donations through our Donation Distribution Formula, with a little review you will find that you can greatly increase your chances of success with our platform. This is especially true because students naturally network with each other. They are in a constant environment that puts them in touch with others needing the same solution. You have a built in organization to work with by helping them start their project which should accelerate you to success.


Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.


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